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The online education you need to start or nourish a successful career in cyclical health.

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Do you want to bring cyclical awareness to your community and upskill your practice with in-depth knowledge and wisdom?  We got you!

Join our 9 month globally certified online Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coach training and receive evidence-based + science backed education and tools to start or support your business in menstrual and cyclical health. 

9 Months of in-depth education

Become a certified coach

After all coursework and exams, you will receive a beautiful certificate of completion, validated by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine accreditation board. 

Evidence-based education

We offer scientifically-backed and evidence-based education, as well as an extensive resource list and education on how to do proper research as a practitioner.

Ongoing support

Ongoing support from Iris and team Cycle Seeds during the 9 months of training as well as the 2 month period after while students complete coursework.

This online program is for anyone who desires to dive deep and loves getting their inner cyclical geek out. The training offers a blend of self-study modules, live interactive classes + discussions, guest lectures and cyclical self-inquiry practices. 

Unique combination of themes

We are offering a unique combination of themes in this training to ensure our students have adequate knowledge to enter the field. We approach studying about cyclical health from a physical, practical, personal, socio-cultural and business point of view. 

Do you just know that you are here to help people create more harmony + thrive in their menstrual cycles and lives?

Then you are in the right place.

Become part of the growing cyclical health community

Now, more than ever, people with menstrual cycles are seeking help outside of the medical system. Becoming a Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coach will teach you how you can best help your clients, assisting them in confidently navigating the medical system and communicating with their care providers as well as taking responsibility for their own health. We believe in teaching our students how to build bridges and ensure their clients get the best of both worlds (the medical system as well as the holistic health space) by creating a team of providers around them.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are fascinated by the menstrual cycle, hormones, fertility and everything that has to do with the cycles we move through in our lives.

  • You know how important it is to know your stuff when it comes to your work, but you also feel you miss an in-depth knowledge base when it comes to hormones and menstrual cycles and you know that has to change to optimally serve your clients.

  • You are looking for a place where you have access to evidence-based education but also the more somatic, psychospiritual and socio-cultural aspects of what it means to have a cyclical body.

  • You are low-key annoyed by white & heteronormative focused menstrual cycle coaching trainings and understand deeply that if we want to truly serve the world, we need to talk about anti-racist practices, reproductive justice, and gender diversity and get real with our own biases.

  • You are ready to take the leap to start and/or nourish your career in the cyclical health & wellness field.

  • You are excited to also get to know and understand your own body on a whole new level.

  • You are ready to stop dimming your own light and want to start taking up space and serve your community.
Iris Josephina Verstappen, founder of the Institute for Hormone & Cycle Coaching and creator of Cycle Seeds.

Hi! I'm Iris

My name is Iris Josephina, and I am the founder of Cycle Seeds.. My journey started when I was doing research as a cultural anthropologist in India and was fascinated by the field of medical anthropology. By attending births as a researcher, I understood on a visceral level that I wanted to work in the field of cyclical health. After graduating as an anthropologist (BSc), I continued my education and became a birth worker/doula and started my own company. I attended births and realized a lot of people have no idea how their bodies work and that my support had to start way earlier, before people get pregnant. I studied Yoga for Fertility, Well Women Yoga and Yoga for Pelvic Health and started supporting people with hands-on practice and classes.

When I was working for a while, I missed studying so I completed a Master's Degree in Gender Studies (MA) where I specialized in gender diversity and reproductive justice, and graduated with a thesis about data distribution and safety of menstrual cycle apps. After spending time in the academic world, I desired to get back into the practical field of actually helping people and continued my studies.

After 10 years in the field, I am a certified, trained and trauma-responsive Functional Hormone Specialist, Hormonal Health Coach, and Orthomolecular Advisor. Apart from mastering essential hormonal expertise through extensive training "the Western way" over the past 10 years, I also have apprenticed with indigenous midwives from Colombia and Mexico to learn traditional midwifery skills and knowledge on cyclical health. On top of that, I am blessed to call incredible doctors, OBGYNs and practitioners my friends and team.

I am also a member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.
After supporting clients for so long, I am now 100% dedicated to pass on my knowledge to the next generation of people who want to work in the field of hormone & cycle health. 

We value ease, community & support

Online content, yours to keep forever

This training will take place online. All classes and lectures will be recorded and yours to keep forever. Any updates that will be made in the future will be automatically accessible to you. 

Nourishing community

We recognize that working in the field of cyclical health is not for the faint-hearted. Having access to a community of practitioners is essential for our own well-being, mental health and a thriving business.

Continuous support during AND after your training

After graduating, you will have continuous access to our alumni group where you can always connect and discuss with your colleagues.

Who is this training for?

We welcome anyone who is interested in broadening their scope of knowledge and wants to specialize in hormone and cyclical health.

We also believe that working in cyclical health is a calling. We trust that you know when this is for you.
We had people who are health coaches, fertility awareness educators, midwives, doulas, massage therapists, nurses, ayurvedic practitioners, acupuncturists, TCM practitioners, hypnotherapists, psychologists, somatic practitioners, Integral Pelvic Therapy practitioners, holistic pelvic care practitioners, etc. interested in our training - but we do not specifically require any prior education to be able to join.

You will have access to:

Recorded study materials

Lectures available in audio

Printable PDFs

Live Q&As, guest lectures, somatic practices and discussion groups

Protected community forum + support group off of social media

An app so you can easily access study content from anywhere

Private chat function to speak to Iris & team Cycle Seeds directly

Assignments to test your knowledge after each module

Exam & case studies + practice coaching clients

What others say:

"Iris cares deeply for people with periods and empowers them with skills that revolutionise every aspect of their life - work, home and relationships. If you are sitting on the fence and don't know whether to take the plunge to do this training, my advice is, don't wait another minute."
Tara Ghosh
"I wanted to work with Iris because I found a post about a "period retreat". I learned so much because Iris knows so much! What I also got was a warm, caring person in Iris. I feel safe being vulnerable and being my truest self around her. She also is so great at creating a community where I feel safe as well. Any of the programs that I've been a part of gave me so much information but also friends that I feel like "my people"! There are conversations we've had that I don't often have elsewhere and I appreciate that. 

I have been so positively impacted by having Iris in my life!"

Christina Waszak

The journey with Iris as my coach was completely life changing for me. She opened my eyes to the wisdom of my womb, guided me to read the signs of my body and trust my intuition. I have never met a coach that honours the body and way of life with such clarity and science in the utterly loving and gentle way as Iris does. She taught me that I can be a woman deeply in touch with my body as well as courageously powerful. I am beyond grateful to have crossed path with her and her knowledge.
Frida Karlsson

Your journey as a certified Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coach starts here.

In-depth, evidence-based, science-backed education

We believe it's important to educate our students from an evidence-based perspective. We value science and research, but we also invite to value people's bio-individual experiences. Students will be challenged  to always keep asking questions and reflect on self and the studies in front of them. A critical eye is an asset these days. 

Inclusive values

We recognize that people born in a body that experiences menstrual cycles may not always identify as 'woman'. We are open to the full spectrum of menstruators. We invite students to have an open mind about this and will have experts come in to talk about these topics. 

Integration of the physical, somatic, psychospiritual & emotional

We believe it's important to stay attuned to the multi-faceted layers that make up a human life. When we speak of cyclical health and wellness, obviously we need in-depth endocrine and physiologic education. But apart from that, we must also look at and incorporate the cultural, somatic, psychospiritual and emotional aspects of someone's life if we desire to provide them with full-spectrum support.

Follow your passion and start the journey of becoming a Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coach

Join us for this in-depth training.

Our guest teachers:

king yaa

king is an intersectional feminist and their work centers queer, trans, and non-binary folx well-being through full spectrum of life experiences, including grief & loss and sex & pleasure. They also train intentional health and wellness practicioners on developing the competencies to care for and to create safer and inclusive practices for queer, trans and gender diverse people. 

Chloe Skerlak 

Chloe is a Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and Certified Full Spectrum Fertility Awareness Educator aka she's willdy passionate about the menstrual cycle! She has 6 years of experience teaching fertility awareness education to people who want to achieve or avoid pregnancy without medical intervention, understand themselves and their health better, and live life more cyclically. Chloe's classes help people regain their sexual and reproductive sovereignty, become advocates for their own health, and live vibrant, healthy lives. 

Dr. Russ Hornstein 

Dr. Hornstein is a doctor and chiropractor who works to understand the process of development of conditions and applies a practical, direct path toward resolution. His primary technique is a variation of diversified adjusting where the joint is comfortably adjusted back toward a neutral position.

Dr. Russ Hornstein is a 1997 Graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis Missouri. He has a specialisation in Chiropractic Neurology, Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Vestibular Rehabilitation.

Tara Ghosh

Tara is a period educator and abdominal therapist passionate about helping people with periods 1:1 and in workshops understand their cyclical nature and solve their period and mood issues, so that they can thrive in every aspect of their lives. Tara works with women in their mid 30s to mid 40s and runs period workshops for pre-teens and teens so they can have a good relationship with their period from the start.

Marissa Correia

Marissa Correia (she/her) is a Somatic Guide whose work focuses on embodied pleasure, nervous system and womb healing, craniosacral rhythms and pelvic wellness. Her background in birthwork has informed her passion for supporting folks in fully inhabiting their bodies. She believes that as we come deeper into relationship with our bodies, our bodies become safer places to be. And as our bodies become safer places to be, the world becomes a safer place to be. She is inspired by the understanding that knowledge is power and she seeks to make education about the nervous system, trauma, pleasure and the womb accessible, helpful and enjoyable.

Dr. Nathan Riley

Nathan Riley is an obgyn and end of life physician. He provides comprehensive women's healthcare in a truly holistic way, taking into account the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health in addition to the physical. He's a father of two, the second of whom was born at home. He operates through a private association providing support to women and families who need support with fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, menopausal transition, and otherwise gynecologic. He also offers himself as a collaborator to midwives and health coaches around the country in order to optimize their autonomy as practitioners.

Dr. Ginny Chamorro

After her education at Erasmus MC Rotterdam, Dr. Ginny has been working as an all-round gynecologist for ten years. For a while she worked at the Vrouwenpoli in Boxmeer. Currently she works in the beautiful international clinic ACIBADEM in Amsterdam. Here she treats people with menstrual complaints, cysts, prolapses and urinary incontinence, etc. If a surgical procedure is needed, she performs it herself. Dr Ginny will also organize a Hormone Retreat together with Iris in June and October 2023.

Dr. Miranda Myles

Dr. Miranda Myles is a clinical Naturopath & Acupuncturist transforming health & hormones, creating fertility & families with new approaches to conception. She is considered a thought leader in women's health, hormones & fertility, naturopathic gynaecology & reproduction, IVF/DEIVF support, male factor (in)fertility - successfully working with 20,000 patients over 20 years.  From menarche through motherhood to menopause, creating healthy periods, pregnancies and parents. Her mantra is: Test Don’t Guess-  she is obsessed with pathology and is known for her ability to accurately understand and easily explain blood test results to help everyone know their bodies’ better, and become all they can be, naturally. 

Samantha Zipporah

Samantha Zipporah is a midwife, author & educator in service to healing & liberation. Sam’s path rises from an ancient lineage of midwives, witches, & wise women with expertise spanning the continuum of birth, sex, & death. She is devoted to breaking the spells of oppression in reproductive & sexual health by connecting people with the innate pleasure, power, & wisdom of the body. Her praxis weaves scientific & soulful inquiry that integrate modern medicine & data with ancestral practices & epistemologies. Sam's most recent publications & offerings center the radical reclamation of contraception & abortion.

More teachers will be announced soon!

In just 9 months, you can change your life, start a career in a field you are passionate about, AND you will start helping people understand and optimize their cyclical health on a physical, somatic, emotional and psychospiritual level.

After the HHCC training, you will have proficient knowledge about:

Principles of cyclical physiology, anatomy & ecology

Get a deep understanding of the cyclical body, how it is designed, and how different body systems interconnect and influence cyclical health and well-being.

Functional + ancestral nutrition & food as medicine

Learn about how food affects our physiology, and how to optimize our nutritional intake to support optimal physiologic, emotional and mental expression.

Cyclical issues & how to help your client address them

Study sets of symptomologies and what they can say about a clients menstrual cycles. Learn to look at your client bio-individually and support their unique cyclical situation. 

Functional lab testing and testing for hormone health

Get a thorough understanding about functional lab testing and use it as a tool to gain information about your client's body so you are able to help them even better.

An in-depth and real-life understanding of the nervous system

Understanding the nervous system is crucial for understanding cyclical health. We will look at this from the angle of Polyvagal Theory and trauma-informed care. 

The psycho-spiritual aspects of menstrual cycles

We recognize the psycho-spiritual aspects, ancestral wisdom & trauma that can be unveiled through explorations of the menstrual cycle. 

Cycles from menarche to menopause

Learn about cycles from menarche to menopause to get a deeper understanding how early cyclical experiences may impact later ones. 

Cyclical living, working and planning

Open up to a thorough understanding of how living according to the menstrual cycles could help your client both understand and support their bodies.

Creating your cyclical business and becoming a cyclical CEO

Receive steps and information about setting up your cyclical business. Dive into the practicalities as well as taking care of yourself as an entrepreneur. 

Check out the full curriculum

Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coaching is the future of cyclical health 

For a very long time, gynecology and obstetrics were the only support that was available for people with menstrual cycles. More and more people are waking up to the fact that gynecology is great for acute cyclical pathology and support, but that it may not be the best option when we are talking about sustaining and supporting optimal, holistic, whole-body vitality. This is where Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coaching comes in. As a HHC Coach, you help your clients understand the support they can receive from the medical system, and how they can support their own cyclical body with a wide variety of practices, habits, nutrition, etc. as well as how to create a team of people around them for support and cyclical success. 

Does this sound true to you?

  • There is more to supporting cyclical bodies than popping pills.
  • Holistic ways of looking at the body can complement standard medical care.
  • Nutrition, stress management, and healthy lifestyle habits play an important role in supporting the body when cyclical symptoms arise.
  • The menstrual cycle deserves a place at the center when it comes to assessing our health.
  • The medical system is great in certain aspects but is currently not serving people with menstrual cycles in the best, most optimal way possible to ensure long-term cyclical health and vitality. We can do better.
  • It is important that various providers work as a team to support the person who needs menstrual health care.

Then the Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coaching training is for you!

What others say:

“Iris is a wealth of wisdom regarding the hormonal cycle. Her advocacy for cyclical health is a true, clear, and compassionate approach. I’ve learned so much from her. Her work is vitally important in this time.” 
Dakota Chanel

“Iris is the kind of mentor everyone should have in their life. Her knowledge, wisdom, passion, depth, sweetness and bad-assness are truly a gift birthed into this world. This is an absolute must-have if you are conducting a cycle-based business, truly knowledge you can’t ever live without!” 

Jasmine Alicia Carter

Take your first step in changing the world - one cycle at a time.